Your App Isn’t Converting? Here are 5 ways to increase conversions

Your App Isn't Converting? Here are 5 ways to increase conversions

In the context of business, mobile apps have overtaken all other modes of promotion and advertising as a way to market their products and services. Apps can, however, not be used to market all products and services of a company. Learn if Your App Isn’t Converting? Here are 5 ways to increase conversions.

Your App Isn't Converting? Here are 5 ways to increase conversions
Your App Isn’t Converting? Here are 5 ways to increase conversions

The UI or navigation of an app may hinder its success at converting users when it is attractive or has excellent features. Instead of simply making an app beautiful and innovative, mobile app developers need to pay attention to conversions.

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Apps can increase their user acquisition rate in many ways, and the conversion rate can also be increased. You will find some of the most effective ones listed here.

Enhance the onboarding process

Apps’ fate is determined by their user experience (UX), especially during the onboarding process. Hence, it can leave an everlasting impression on users since it is their first point of contact. Providing fewer actions to the users will simplify it as much as possible. Don’t require too much personal information when registering/logging in, making the process quick and easy. If you want to teach them how to use the app’s features, use graphical illustrations and gestures instead of long, boring text.

Optimize the app’s loading time

A slow-loading app causes users to delay what they want to accomplish, so they avoid it. When developing your app, make sure you optimize its speed. Optimizing conversions by conquering users’ interests with speed in the first instance is possible.

Offers are sent via push notifications

Plan to send push notifications to your users after analyzing their behaviour on the app during their first few sessions. If the push notifications are relevant to the user’s interests or preferences, they can convert them effectively. It is essential to give the users a hint that you have something just for them. You can better convince them to take advantage of your service or make a purchase when you provide them with personal offerings.

Bonuses or rewards points can encourage users

Users appreciate the appreciation! You can reward them with bonus points or rewards for finishing a task or checking out an order. They will be able to gain a significant offer in the future if they accumulate more of their points or rewards. You will significantly decrease user abandonment if you encourage consistent user engagement. Users will never run out of reasons to visit the site and make purchase/order requests.

Integrate social media

Integration with popular social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter can earn many users through referrals since they have a large user base. Taking advantage of eWOM (electronic word of mouth) is essential. By offering referral rewards to existing users, you can persuade them to spread the word about your app’s benefits through their social media channels. Your customers will tell others about your app, so any positive feedback you get will surely encourage them to use it and realize its benefits.

The goal is to influence users to go through the conversion funnel, i.e. reach the last point in the app at which they check out or interact. You can apply the tips above throughout your app’s journey to make it smooth from the beginning, persuade users to adopt your app due to its thematic features and offers, and maintain their interest. Consider these tricks and ask your developers to implement them if you want your app idea to experience maximum conversions.