What are some excellent Windows tricks you need to know

What are some excellent Windows tricks you need to know

Chances are that you are still unaware of some simple Windows tricks, even if you have been using them for quite some time. Using right-click tricks to perform remarkable moves, such as making your volume icon appear, will help you use Windows more effectively. Learn What are some excellent Windows tricks you need to know.

What are some excellent Windows tricks you need to know
What are some excellent Windows tricks you need to know

The trick of learning how to perform some tricks is still something you might want to master. Listed below are a few tricks that can be learned and applied.

Icons with a larger size

Even though the size and resolution of monitors have changed drastically, it still annoys you a little with small icons displayed on the screen. Knowing the exact trick to apply will allow you to change this accordingly. By right-clicking, you can change the size of your icons according to your preferences. Here’s how:

Select Medium or Large Icons from your right-click menu of space on your desktop or System, select one, and you are done.

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Shortcuts and Recent Items

There are already some icons on the taskbar that you need to be familiar with. It is necessary to have Outlook, Word, Explorer, and Chrome icons in the toolbar. Each of these icons can be created as a shortcut, however. Right-clicking a specific icon will include options such as your most visited websites, recently opened documents and new Outlook appointments. Having the app available instantly without interrupting your current program would help you save time.

It is possible to create a shortcut by right-clicking any particular desktop icon, and the options of Pin to Taskbar or Pin to Start will appear. Pick the option that is most convenient for you. Choose the Pin to Start option if you want it to be pinned to the start screen. You do not need to launch your icon separately when Windows launches. It launches with Windows at the same time. You can do the same if you want your most used apps or programs to be launched as soon as possible.

The volume button

When you examine the icons, it is not uncommon to find that the volume icon suddenly disappears from your System, Trey. There are no icons to identify it; the only ones you see are Action Center indicators, battery, network, and a drive if you have a USB connection. As a viewer, looking up at the volume dial when you are already watching a video is irritating.

To reappear the volume button, follow these steps:

• Click the << arrow, then select Customize in the pop-up icon box.

• Click on the Behaviors option once you’ve located the Volume button option.

• Select the Show icon and notifications from the menu.

• Confirm the change by clicking OK and then exit to apply it.

Upon rebooting the System, you will again see the volume button in the System Tray. A novice can easily use a few simple and cool tricks after understanding a few simple tips and tricks, so they no longer have to worry about using Windows.